Direct Mail - A Boon for the Success of Colleges and Universities

Is Your School’s Direct Mail Campaign Failing?

Direct Mail gets results for Colleges and Universities. It’s not sexy, it’s not innovative, but it works. And we get the best rates out there on bulk mailing. So whether you’re a regional Trade College, Community College, or major Pac-10, Big Ten, SEC, ACC or Ivy League University, Star Direct has all of your needs covered for curriculum materials and/or promotional documents.

We save you money by getting a much lower postage rate than if you did the mailing yourself, and we eliminate the hassle and red tape of having to deal with the stringent bulk mailing regulations that are commonplace when dealing with the United States Postal Service, so a university or college mailing can be sent out looking beautiful- on time, and on budget.

According to a recent Adage article, “direct mail is 10 to 30 times more effective than email.”

In fact, direct mail response rates have been relatively stable since 2010. Additionally, when comparing response rates in the same study, 34 out of 1,000 customers responded to direct mail marketing while just 1 out of 1,000 customers responded to email.

A Huffington Post article using data compiled by Epsilon found similar results. This study finds that consumers “prefer direct mail over email about brands or products in almost every category, including financial services (36 percent to 8 percent), insurance (36 percent to 9 percent) and travel (21 percent to 13 percent).” The same study indicates that 50 percent of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail to email.

The recent Consumer Channel Preference Study by Epsilon Targeting found that 60 percent of U.S. consumers “enjoy checking the mailbox for Postal mail” and, compared with e-mail, direct mail is their preferred channel to receive financial service information and other important documents relevant to their lifestyle trends.

Epsilon’s conclusion is that “direct mail continues to serve as the channel of choice and most trusted for recipients of marketing information in many categories.” In fact, mail topped e-mail in 14 categories measured by the study.

Trust is a big reason. Consumers still struggle with the credibility of information they receive through social media channels.

The preferred course of action for colleges and universities, and the one also chosen by businesses, is a smartly devised multichannel communication plan, combining digital channels with direct mail. This approach surrounds the target audience with your brand messages online, and with traditional media exposure such as Direct Mail. Studies show that DM is preferred over electronic media by students in the 18-34 demographic. Even the tech savvy younger generation trusts Direct Mail over messages received on the internet, and that speaks volumes for academic institutions.

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